10 Things to Consider Before Taking Travel Insurance

When planning a travel itinerary, taking travel insurance is the least concern when it comes to many travelers. Oftentimes, some would term it as a product for the nervous type of people. However, that’s not the case, because there’s no guarantee that a trip would be fine or without troubles.

For instance, you may face unforeseen events such as theft, losing your passport, travel cancellation, and medical emergency, among others. As such, it pays to have travel insurance cover when going for a trip. However, there’s also the challenge of choosing a proper plan.

But not anymore, because these 10 things to consider before taking travel insurance will help you. Let’s start:

1. Pre-existing conditions coverage

Do you have a pre-existing medical condition? Well, you must take this into account when taking travel insurance.  What's more, it’s important to be upfront about it when securing your travel policy.

And this is because some companies don’t cover pre-existing medical conditions in their policy. When you find those that cover such medical conditions, they have limitations. Such companies often cover conditions with lower risks.

Furthermore, not disclosing if you are having a pre-existing medical condition can also nullify your cover when the insurer finds out. Therefore, it’s important to provide as much detail as possible to prevent inconveniences when coming to claim expenses.

2. Extend of Coverage

The level of covering damages varies when it comes to travel insurance policies from different insurers. Therefore, don’t assume they all offer the same when going to secure a policy for your trip. Take your time and read through the policies and identify one that benefits your situation.

But when it comes to something like medical coverage, aim at policies that cover over $100,000. In addition, it should accommodate medical evacuation in case you need treatment back at home. Further, check the limit of the policies when it comes to claiming as a result of various losses. This should help you identify reliable insurers.

3. Does it Cover COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a major setback when it comes to traveling abroad. You may end up requiring medical admission while in a foreign land or having to cater to mandatory quarantine. To avoid these expenses, which can be very massive, taking travel insurance that covers COVID-19 is vital.

Furthermore, be vigilant of travel insurance that only covers COVID-19 illness and exclude the following expenses. For instance, getting this virus will affect your travel plan and there’s also the cost of quarantine. And if you get policies that cover medical expenses for COVID-19 plus trip cancellation, examine their limitations.

4. Is your entire luggage covered?

Anything within your luggage is covered by most policies. However, this doesn’t apply to expensive accessories or items such as pieces of jewelry or advanced camera. While it’s best to leave expensive items back home, you need to notify the insurer if you’ll carry them. Without mentioning them when taking the policy, the insurer may not cover them in case they are lost.

Depending on the value of these items, you may dig deeper into your pocket when getting their insurance cover. While that’s so, inspect how much the policy will cover in case your luggage is lost. In case the coverage is smaller than your luggage, consider looking for other options.

5. Policy package for cancel for no reason

One thing is for sure, we’re living in uncertain times. Therefore, anything might pop up and ruin your trip at the final moment. To protect yourself against damages for such uncertainties, you need a cancel-for-no-reason policy package. This coverage will ensure you get reimbursed irrespective of the cancellation reason.

As such, consider companies that offer this type of policy. While that’s so, keep in mind that it will cost you more than the ordinary package. However, it’s all worth it when you consider what’s at stake.

6. Activity Coverage

What are you planning to do during the trip? Well, it’s crucial to consider this when choosing an insurance plan for traveling. For instance, some insurers will not cover activities that seem too risky. Such activities include sky diving, bungee jumping, skiing, and horse riding, among others. And those that do cover these risky activities, charge extra for it.

7. 24-hour support

Unfortunately, setbacks don’t notify you when they are about to happen. As such, you need an insurance plan that comes with 24-hour support. This will ensure you can get the necessary help when you need it.

8Ease of claiming

While the insurer can be a sweet talker when they are selling you a policy, don’t misjudge their charm.  When it comes to claiming reimbursement, the tone may not be the same. Therefore, look for an insurer with a history of good customer care services during reimbursement as a result of a claim.

9. Process of dealing with expenses

Even after discovering a good deal, confirm first the process of dealing with expenses. For instance, does the insurer comes in if there’s a medical bill and settle it? Or are you the one to settle the bills then claim for reimbursement later on? By confirming this, you will be able to avoid inconveniences in case you need to use your coverage.

1 10.  Multi-trip policies

How many trips do you make a year going abroad? If you love to travel a lot, then you’ll need to consider multi-trip policies. This will be advantageous to you when it comes to saving money and time. With multi-trip policies, you don’t have to worry about securing a travel policy every time you’re traveling.

Further, you can save if you’re traveling as a family or couple. Just look for an insurance company that offers one package that caters to couples or families.

Final Take

With the above 10 things to consider before taking travel insurance, we hope you’ve found them resourceful. You can read through once more to master and take advantage of them when choosing a travel insurance plan. To secure the best deal in the market when it comes to a policy, do thorough research.

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