10 Remote Job You Can Do Without 4 years Degree


Work-from-home opportunities are available for people with various levels of education, and the working world has become increasingly distant. Some employers are now more interested in a prospective employee's talents and practical experience than a standard degree, so you can get remote work without having completed four years of college.

Myinsurancebrowser just published a list of many high-paying work-from-home opportunities. These positions are accessible in a variety of industries and occupations, allowing you to choose remote employment that fits your skill set and interests. Here are ten of the highest-paying remote jobs currently available to job searchers without a traditional office bachelor's degree.

1. Interpreter

Many firms are looking for employees who can listen to and translate discussions if you speak many languages. Companies can also use interpreters to translate live events so that materials can be distributed to a large number of individuals who speak different languages.

2. Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers are in charge of an organization's general ledger, which includes documenting transactions, creating financial statements, and double-checking financial information. Employers frequently prefer bookkeepers who have completed some form of postsecondary education, but they will normally give on-the-job training.

3. Telemarketer

$41,016 is the average salary.
Electronic Merchant Systems, Spartan Ops, and Lightspeed Investments are all hiring for this position right now.

Telemarketers are in charge of arranging meetings between clients and salespeople. You're paid a commission on top of your regular wage, depending on how many sales you make from the people you call.

4. Specialist in Email Marketing

You'll assist companies in reaching out to customers by generating captivating email campaigns in this capacity. You'll also track the response to understand what's working and how to improve your emails in order to gain more subscribers. If you've ever written content, you may start applying what you've learned to become an email marketing expert.

5. Assistant to the CEO

Executive assistants operate in a variety of fields. They may be in charge of scheduling executives, planning travel, managing social media, organizing events, and communicating with clients and customers.

6. Medical Coding Specialists

Medical Coding Specialists make an average of $48,912 per year.

Ensemble Health Partners, UW Health, and Discovery Behavioral Health DBH are all hiring for this position right now.

After patients' appointments, medical coding professionals read their charts and assign them codes so that the medical facility may access their files more easily. You can begin applying for jobs in this industry once you get your medical coding certificate.

7. Manager of Social Media

You're probably already active on social media. Why not be compensated for your efforts? You'll be in charge of developing content for a company's social media accounts in order to build its audience as a social media manager. This is an ideal career for someone who enjoys staying current with online trends.

8. Manager of Customer Service

Customer support managers supervise customer support teams in addition to aiding consumers. They'll also be in charge of onboarding new employees and ensuring that the company's best practices are followed. You can try your hand at management if you have prior customer service expertise.

9. Personal Trainer

This article was first published on GOBankingRates.com: These 10 remote jobs don't require a four-year degree.

10. Property Claims Adjuster

The average salary for a Property Claims Adjuster is $55,597.

MODE Transportation, Farmers Insurance Group, and Claims Management Resources are all hiring for this position right now.

Insurance firms and allied organizations use these adjusters to examine insurance claims. This position usually necessitates on-the-job training.

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