How Can You Choose the Best Pet Insurance Providers?

To find the finest pet insurance companies, our team spent over 40 hours comparing all of our partners based on eligibility, policy terms, coverage inclusions and exclusions, quotations we received for different pets, added benefits, user experience, financial strength, and customer ratings.

Here's a rundown of what we looked at and valued in each of these categories.

Age limits and state availability were used to determine eligibility. We looked for companies that covered both young and senior pets and were located across the country.

Terms of policy: 

We looked at the waiting period, deductibles, reimbursement rates, benefit limits, and discounts, among other things. We liked flexibility and pet insurance plans that clearly stated what a policyholder could expect if something went wrong.

Included and excluded coverage: 

We looked at example plans and corporate resources to see what would and wouldn't be covered for your pet. Comprehensive coverage was important to us.

We received the following quotes for various pets: 

We requested at least five quotations from each pet insurance provider in order to get a sense of how reasonable their premiums are. We looked for organizations with reasonable prices and reasonable premiums.

User experience: 

We went through the enrolling process to evaluate how each organization communicated complicated topics to pet parents in order to ensure a positive online experience.

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